Borislav Ivanov: "Most Chess Players are Absolute Buttheads"

Время публикации: 03.06.2013 18:49 | Последнее обновление: 09.05.2018 00:28

After being seriously suspected in cheating Bulgarian player Borislav Ivanov has appeared in the local media for quite frequently. Namely, the website Chessbase draws attention to his interview dated by January 25 and given to

The interview is called "Life between chess and chalga":

"Chess is my passion. Every day I practice three to four hours at the board. I have no girlfriend. The problem is that no one expects me to win. I play brilliantly because I have good training, that is the answer. The grandmasters refuse to accept that I am good and therefore started bringing up suspicions. They had me checked as if I was the biggest terrorist. They stripped off my jacket and shirt. I don't know if they expected to find a bomb strapped to me. I just went to the tournament and won.

Most chess players are absolute buttheads. For too many people, chess is an antisocial game. Therefore, chess players are usually old bachelors, lonely and unhappy people. But there are many cool players, too. I am constantly trying to escape from this stereotype. To be honest, sometimes I feel ashamed to say that I am a chess player..." 

According to Ivanov chess and chalga aren't mutually exclusive things for a normal person.


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