All the Strongest to Play in the Ukrainian Championship Except Vassily Ivanchuk

Время публикации: 23.05.2013 21:38 | Последнее обновление: 23.05.2013 22:26

The Ukrainian Chess Federation once again gained practically the strongest composition for the championship which is scheduled to take place on June 15-26. From the top grandmasters only Vassily Ivanchuk will skip the competition.

Twelve players will compete in a round-robin tournament:

1. Ruslan Ponomariov (Kiev, 2742)
2. Alexander Areschenko (Luhansk, 2709)
3. Anton Korobov (Kharkov, 2705)
4. Pavel Eljanov (Kharkov, 2702)
5. Alexander Moiseenko (Kharkov, 2698)
6. Andrei Volokitin (Львов, 2687)
7. Zakhar Efimenko (Mukachevo, 2677)
8. Yuriy Kryvoruchko (Lvov, 2659)
9. Martyn Kravtsiv (Lvov, 2595)
10. Stanislav Bogdanovich (Odessa, 2548)
11. Andrey Baryshpolets (Kiev, 2530)
12.Valeriy Neverov (Kharkov, 2489)

The personal invitations were received by Ruslan Ponomariov, Alexander Moiseenko, Pavel Eljanov and Andrei Volokitin (the top rating owners for May 1), as well as by Anton Korobov and Alexander Areschenko, the champions of the country in different years. The young players Yuriy Kryvoruchko, Martyn Kravtsiv, Stanislav Bogdanovich, Andrey Baryshpolets and experienced Valeriy Neverov, twofold champion of Ukraine, qualified through the semifinal. Zakhar Efimenko was nominated by the President of the UCF.     


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