Anatoly Karpov Turned 62. All His Dreams Came True

Время публикации: 23.05.2013 19:14 | Последнее обновление: 23.05.2013 19:48

The World Champion will celebrate his birthday with his friends

Today Anatoly Karpov turned 62. On this occasion, the 12th World Champion was invited to the entertainment TV-show "Live now." Here are the most interesting episodes from the show tweeted on our page [in Russian].

Anatoly Karpov turned 62 today. Congratulations from Chess-News!

Karpov will celebrate his birthday with his friends.

Karpov, "The size of the pieces as well as their form and weight is important... Especially in a time trouble."

Karpov, "It happens that being in a time trouble I may sent the piece to the needed square and while it lands there my hand is already on a clock button."

Karpov, "I was the World Champion for 16 times - in the individual and team events together."

Karpov, "I earned money as a chess player for the first time at the international tournament in Czechoslovakia being 15. I won the competition."

Karpov, "The memory is needed for the chess players, but it's not as important as everyone thinks."

Karpov is presented with a cake with candles. He blew them out in three breaths, "You know, all good things come in threeі..."

The 12th World Champion noted all of his dreams came true. As the journalist remembered Karpov his childhood dream of becoming a pilot, he responded, "I became a pilot, but a passive one. A few have flown as much as I have." 


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