Anatoly Karpov: "The World for Kasparov is Just Black and White, While I Know There Exist Grey And Other Colors"

Время публикации: 16.04.2013 20:22 | Последнее обновление: 16.04.2013 20:27

The website published the translation of the extract from Anatoly Karpov's interview given to the Spanish El Mundo. Namely, the 12th world champion talked about the 13th who has recently turned fifty.

"I helped Kasparov to progress and better understand chess. First he thought he would easily beat me, so the loss he experienced in 1984 has shocked him." Karpov remembers that Kasparov was quick to learn and became a completely different chess player a year after the mentioned match. 

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The interview was arranged in Karpov's cabinet in the State duma in which he represents, as the journalist stated, the "Kremlin party." Karpov said he has a good relationship with Kasparov, "I wish him all the best. We are completely different people and we have different views in politics too. The world is just black and white for Kasparov, while I know there exist grey and other colors. He is a maximalist."  

Karpov also noted it's hard for him to understand Kasparov's "impulsive character", "I have told him that although he doesn't like when anyone opposes him. There should be logic and positive spirit in the conversation." 


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