Alexander Grischuk Thinks Every Participant of the Candidates Has a Chance of Winning It. "Am I Any Worse Than Anyone Else?"

Время публикации: 02.03.2013 22:13 | Последнее обновление: 02.03.2013 22:13

Here we offer you the extracts from Alexander Grischuk's interview given to Chesspro.

"I have refused playing in a lot of tournaments just because I had no wish of winning them! They invited me to play in Bazna and I thought: OK I may win that tournament and what? That won't make me any happier. So, I participate only in those tournaments which I really want to win. ... For instance, I really wanted to win in Linares, it was always considered as one of the coolest tournaments of the year. I also wanted to win Aeroflot Open for a long time already. Some ten years ago I have shared first there but lost on a tie-break. Now it has been changed: rapid chess and knock-out - that's what we need. I wouldn't participate if it was a classical competition again, but to play rapid and blitz - with pleasure.

You should have a specific character in order to enjoy the super tournament with six people playing in a double round-robin... That's boring personally for me. ... Perhaps, I have not enough motivation as Fischer, Kasparov or Carlsen who ensanely wanted to win every tournament they've played in. I have no such intentions.

... I like to enjoy what I'm doing! And everything else doesn't bring me any pleasure. Moreover, there's no any special financial attractiveness in those tournaments... Personally for me Russian Championship is more important than Dortmund or Wijk aan Zee. I can understand playing at World Championship, World Cup, Olympiad... ... That's the real sport, you see a concrete goal and strive for it. And what do you get by winning another tournament even if a lot of strong players participat in it? I would say  - nothing... When several years ago I beat Ivanchuk in the semifinal of World Championship, which guaranteed me playing in the Candidates, I was so happy that I couldn't prepare for the final - I lost that match against Svidler just like a child! That was a real goal, the real achievement."

This is what Alexander answered on the following question "Do you have a real chance to win the Candidates?":

"I think every participant of the Candidates, including me, has a chance to win. Am I any worse than anyone else?"    


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