"To Learn to Live on Earth Like Humans"

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Two games were played on a rest day in Zurich: the sponsor of the event Oleg Skvortsov competed with Vishy Anand (0-1) and Fabiano Caruana (1/2). Your correspondent hasn't witnessed that because owing to the organizers used an opportunity to visit Lucerne.

The results of the trip exceeded the expectations.

According to Wikipedia the Mount Pilatus got its name from Pontius Pilate: the legend says his grave was placed on the hillside. The Russian page of Wikipedia however suggests that "In reality the name comes from Latin pilleatus ("covered with the felt-cap") - perhaps, they meant the clouds hovering around the mountain peak."    

The director of the Zurich Chess Club, Christian Issler was also impressed with our ride. He wasn't surprised by the amount of snow in the mountains, but as he said in general winter in Switzerland this year turned out to be far more snowy than usual. 

"Now that we have learned to fly in the air like birds and dive in the sea like fish, only one thing remains – to learn to live on earth like humans." George Bernard Shaw

They even have a cafe and the hotel at the very top (or almost on the top) of the mountain. But as I was informed it's forbidden to stay there at night, for everything, including the cableway, is closed at 16:00.  

After such fascinating spectacle the word "the museum" could sound a bit boring, but when we entered it we just couldn't believe our eyes.

This isn't just a musem, but it's the biggest chess museum in the world.

This great undertaking of Roland Rappa is not supported by any of the official bodies of the country. The host didn't hide the museum needs financial support.

Look at this picture:

I sware I didn't change the settings of the camera, but I just photographed the picture from a different angle: 

And you get a crooked smile on Garry Kimovich's face. How is this possible?

I tried to do the same with other world champions, their faces didn't change.

At the same time four people can play on this set.

"Аnd where is this chess set from?" Genna Sosonko has asked.
"From China," the Director of the museum answered.
"It looks like it's from Amsterdam though. if you know what I mean..."

The guest from Amsterdam has also suggested the title for this picture: "It's not what you have thought of. It's just sumo

"Chess for Russians." After taking any of the pieces the player has to drink it. 

Alexandra Kosteniuk has noted once on her Twitter page that she drinks this Swiss drink evry time she visits Switzerland. After tasting it I couldn't really understand how it differs from the usual lemonade; well, I was told that from now on I will be playing chess like Kosteniuk.   

We have spent the way back on guessing the names of the players portrayed on the images in the photo album of Olympiad 1982. It was held in Lucerne. We didn't guess all the players. 



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