FIDE Presidential Board Approved WCOC Recommendations, Danailov Considered Them "Shameful and Discriminatory For ECU and Europe"

Время публикации: 26.02.2013 23:41 | Последнее обновление: 26.02.2013 23:41

FIDE website informs the Presidential board approved WCOC recommendations. Here are some of them:

- all players who lost rating points to Feller in the Olympiad should have them given back,
- For the Baron - Safarli game in Plovdiv 2012, the WCOC recommendsthat FIDE PB accepts the appeal of ACP on behalf of both players to be given back their rating points (5 rating points each). The three-time repetition is included in the Laws of Chess and it is not a violation. There is no need to change the result of the games, as it is already recorded and not crucial, but the players should get back their rating points which were unfairly deducted from them due to this wrong decision of the arbiters.

And some more:

- Minimum Prize Fund (net to the players before local taxes) for all Continental Championships which are part of the World Championship Cycle, starting from 2014:
Europe: 150,000 EUR (75,000 EUR for women)
Asia: 50,000 USD (25,000 USD for women)
Americas: 50,000 USD (25,000 USD for women)
Africa: 20,000 USD (10,000 USD for women)

- For WCC cycle events (including continentals and zonals), the “no draw offer” rule applies only for the first 30 moves, except events organized with theswiss system where no kind of “no draw offer” rule shall be applied. Also no more than one game per day is allowed in WCC cycle events (including continentals and zonals) except tie-break matches.;

- The dates for the World Championship Match are confirmed as published: 6-26 Nov ‘13.

- For wild card team in World Team Championships: to abolish the top-16 requirement for President's nominee in regulations.

This is what Silvio Danailov, ECU President, wrote on his Twitter page:

"All these recommendations are shameful and discriminatory for ECU and Europe.BTW, the WCOC commission is the worst by far in FIDE. I hope next ECU GA in Warsaw in November will not approve this nonsense."


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