Philidor Defence

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The guests have gathered at the Hotel Savoy Baur en Ville.

The main sponsor of the 2nd Zurich Chess Challenge Oleg Skvortsov has personally welcomed everyone.

Last year he organized Kramnik – Aronian match which allowedly went successfully. Being an experienced player, who hasn’t practiced chess recently though, Mr. Skvortsov decided to enlarge the event: now Zurich welcomed four strongest GMs, while the competition itself is dedicated to the Candidates tournament held in this city sixty years ago.

Do any of them need personal introduction?

And any of these?...

The Candidates tournament we have mentioned took place in 1953 and was won by Vasily Smyslov.

The main characters in Zurich: the World Champion who is surrounded by two challengers: Kramnik and Gelfand. Fabiano Caruana of Italy has hidden behind the Russian GM.

The opening ceremony started with the musical concert.

One of the compositions presented to the audience was written by Francois-Andre Philidor. It’s noteworthy that the opening named after the famous French composer and chess player is one of Mr. Skvortsov’s favourite openings.

The Director of the oldest chess club located in Zurich Mr. Issler thanked everyone who has organized and visited the event.

The audience was ready to watch the promised blitz tournament but gasped with surprise when Viktor Korchnoi appeared in the opened door in his wheelchair. 

The legendary player was warmly welcomed by the audience.

What about the blitz tournament? The younger GMs Kramnik and Caruana dominated over the participants of the World Championship Match held last year.

Is that enough to make any conclusions before the classical games? I doubt it. We just observed several thrilling blitz games which are available here. The players were placed in the table of the main tournament in accordance to the places they took in the blitz competition.

Korchnoi watched the games of the blitz competition; Genna Sosonko helped him in understanding what was going on.

Mr. Skvortsov promised this wasn’t the only surprise at Zurich Chess Challenge.


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