Let It Become a Tradition

Время публикации: 18.02.2013 21:05 | Последнее обновление: 18.02.2013 21:31

The last day of Petrov Memorial was dedicated to awarding presents. The morning has started pleasantly for your correspondent.

Now the book "The Hero of the Pre-War Olympics" with the signature of one of the authors is waiting for its time to being read.

Boris Grachev and Igor Kurnosov. I wouldn't say this was a successful tournament for them, however, as rest of the players they will also keep some warm memories from Jurmala.

Alexei Dreev and Vladimir Malakhov are always together. In this case Vladimir is consoling Dreev for whom the tournament went quite unsuccessfully. Malakhov on the contrary managed to occupy second place with a powerful finishing spurt.   

The Lithuanian delegation. GM Sharunas Shulkis (on the right) showed best performance among his compatriots

This person was introduced to me as the main troll of our website. He usually writes under the nickname Konek_Gorbunok. Nevertheless, Vladimir Shlyakhetsky explained he can't be called "troll" because his commentaries are always honest.

Evgeny and Vladimir Sveshnikov. Evgeny continued gathering the prizes under veteran's category, Vladimir distinguished himself under his rating category.

We have already reported on what has happened to Ivanchuk in his last round encounter against Sandipan.

In comparison to the drama on Board 1 the fact that the clock has broken in the game Shirov - Krasenkov looked like nothing really serious. 

The participants had to wait some time for the closing ceremony after the last game has finished. Perhaps, it's needless to say for whom the time went painfully slowly. However, Ivanchuk has been playing for enough time already in order to cope with failures without wasting emotions...

There was no perpetual check...

The closing ceremony was held by Alexei Shirov. This had only one disadvantage: he had to award himself for the best performance among Latvian participants.

-58.6 rapid ELO points. That's how it happens in rapid chess...

The young Russian GM Vladimir Fedoseev.

The Bronze medalist got the most of applause.

Ivanchuk was the only participant to mention Latvian painters' talent - playing surrounded by such paintings is pure pleasure.

Vladimir Malakhov leaves Jurmala with Silver.

The leader of Polish chess Radoslaw Woijtaszek played strongly and practically - deserved first place.

Personally I would like this event to become traditional. This would be correct from different points of view: the prestigious rapid tournament would occupy a worthy place in the calendar and at the same time it would support development of chess in Latvia. The country rich on chess tradition, but what is more important it would keep memory of the strong Latvian GM who was among the top players of the last century. Not to mention the fact that Jurmala is a place to which you obviously want to return.


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