Beyond Creativeness

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It’s about ten minutes walk from the Hotel Europe to the venue of Petrov Memorial, but this is the case when this kind of walk is nothing but pleasant.

This is the venue of the Memorial - 
Jurmala city museum.

The cloackroom is cozy and stylish, and it has enough space for everyone's upper garments.

"I'm 40 and I don't consider my career to be too long, while Vladimir Petrov's life was stopped when he was 35..." Alexei Shirov said in his opening speech and remembered "some grandmaster's" remark that this Memorial may be even more important competition than the Candidates tournament that will take place in London. 

We have already reported that Dmitry Kryakvin and Alexei Shirov presented the book about the Latvian GM who became the victim of Stalinist oppression.

Petrov's granddaughter has also visited the opening ceremony and thanked the organizers as well as the players for honoring her grandfather's memory.

The draw for Round 1 hasn't been done yet, but Vassily Ivanchuk is already thinking about some position.

Jaan Ehlvest prefers spending his free time in a company of old friends.

The tournament A is split into two rooms the walls of which are embellished with the works of contemporary Latvian painters. I don't know if this was a plan, but this surely adds some special atmosphere to the tournament. I would even say chess sparkles in a new light. We can actually send regards to the Tretyakov Gallery from here.     

The time control is really unusual: 15+6. In a time trouble the participants play in a blitz pace, but they still have an possibility to make some calculations. This was surely a plan and the organizer Alexei Shirov confirmed that to me.  

I honestly hesitate to ask this Alexei straightly during the tournament, but I guess playing at a high level and organizing everything at the same time shouldn't be an easy work to do. Alexei tries hard: he plays vigorously, briliantly and in my view, he plays with some ardour time after times. He drew only twice in 11 rounds.

At the same time the tournament has gathered a considerable number of strong GMs thanks to Shirov. Those GMs may not always fight for the top prizes, but it's undoubted they always fight for the prize-winning places. They are ready to leave you without a point at any time. You can't always recognize them from the full face, for sometimes it's easier to identify them from their back.     

It's hard to win through such a strong group of GMs even for the very best players. You can ask the rating favourite Alexey Dreev if you don't believe me.

I can't remember the exact calculations, but Dreev needs to defeat strong opponents quite often in order to maintain his current rapid rating (2785). 

As long as there are so many strong GMs in the competition, the distance of 14 rounds doesn't seem that long. At least not all formally favourite GMs faced each other during the last two days.  

Vladimir Malakhov managed to escape on a draw in the endgame the knight and bishop vs. rook and two pawns of Radoslaw Woijtaszek. 

"Gee! Did you see that?!"

"Are you sure you knew whom you wanted to outplay?"

Evgeny Sveshnikov manages to write down all the moves.

The endgame is pretty complex, but it should be saved for the history.

Evgeny Sveshnikov never tires of telling how he tried to find out if the game is a product of the creative activity in the court. The judge gave the following answer: "The chess game itself is a creative process, while writing down the moves is an automatic process."  

The final position. All the moves have been written down.


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