Marina Romanko: "If I Was in the National Team I Would Refuse to Play Until Dokhoyan Would Be the Captain"

Время публикации: 13.02.2013 01:35 | Последнее обновление: 13.02.2013 01:39

Marina Romanko, the winner in B-Group of the recent Moscow Open, gave an interview to our website.

“I believed I could win, because firstly I had the best tie-break [she has won 7 games in a row – CN]. Secondly, while playing the last round game against Bodnaruk [she has lost it – CN] I was casting a glance at the encounter played next to me. I saw that Khlichkova was aiming to win, so I didn’t think Black could do there anything.


I guess being a member of the national team was a greatest success of mine. However, the most remarkable for me ware winning the Russian championship under 18 in 2003 and winning on the first board in Russian club championship in 2005. Perhaps, remarkable was my successful performance in the Russian Superfinal in 2008, I finished fourth. What else? Well, probably winning the Moscow Open.

I have been playing for the national team in 2009, but then my rating went down, results were worse and I was forced to leave the team.

They didn’t include me in the reserve list now after Kosintseva sisters abandoned the team, but I’m not offended. That is fair because Bodnaruk and Goryachkina are younger, they have better rating and better results. I think only time can tell. So there’s no point in offending.”

Marina refused commenting on the situation in the Russian national team saying only the following “When I dropped out of the team I had serious reasons for that, but if I had to continue playing for the team I would refuse to do so until Dokhoyan would be the captain.“


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