Chess: A Riddle Wrapped In a Mystery Inside an Enigma

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GM Arkadij Naiditsch got maximum, but still managed to lose

Mysteriousness – that’s perhaps the main factor in chess that keeps the spectators’ interest in this game played between humans in the digital era we’re living in. Why the player (in this case Arkadij Naiditsch) in one of the games (against Adams) manages to convert a slight advantage and gains a win, while in another encounter (against Caruana) having a huge advantage loses? The science hasn’t given explanation to such phenomena yet.

The sharp Caruana - Naiditsch encounter was the only decisive game of the 3rd round of Grenke Chess Classic. After the game the payers commentated on the encounter in the press center.

Fabiano CARUANA 2757 - Arkadij NAIDITSCH 2716
GRENKE Chess Classic Baden-Baden, Round 3

Sicilian defence
1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 a6 6.Be3 e5 7.Nb3 Be7 8.Qd2 Ng4 9.g3 0-0 10.0-0-0

10...a5 Naiditsch made this new move quickly.
Caruana: I wanted to play 11.a4 immediately, but then I started to think which usually doesn't go too well.
11...a4 12.Nc1 a3 13.b3 Nxe3 14.Qxe3 Bg5
Caruana: This is the idea I missed. I wasn't actually considering this move when I played 11.Kb1, I thought he would play 14...Be6 or 14...Nc6.
15.f4 Bh6
Caruana: Now he's threatening to take on f4 and play Qf6.
16.Nd3 Nc6

Naiditsch: I think it is quite clear I had an advantage here, bishop pair, dark squares, pawn on а3 what more I could get from Najdorf, I think I got the maximum.
Caruana: First I wanted to play 17.Qe1 with f4-f5 threat, but then I didn't like
18...g6 after 17...exf4 18.gxf4. Black simply puts Bg7 and the position looks pretty dangerous for White. I pushed h4-pawn for preventing g7-g6, I am not sure it does, but I wanted to hold the position. 
Caruana: Looks inaccurate to me.
Naiditsch: I don't think so. It was looking very tempting Bg4, f7-f5. A great position.
18.Nb4 Bg4 19.Rd2 Rc8 20.Nbd5 f5 21.Bc4 Kh8

22.Rxd4 exd4 23.Qxd4 Bf3 24.Re1 fxe4
Caruana:Taking with the bishop is interesting.
Naiditsch: I thought it didn't matter much there.
25.Nb5 Rc6 26.c3 Qd7 27.Nxa3 Qh3

Caruana: Maybe this wasn't the best move. I could play 28.Qf2, I allow 28...g6 with further Bg7.
Naiditsch: I guess Black had an advantage here as well.
Caruana: Yeah, sure. I mean it seems that I could hold things together here moving the knight Na3-b5-d4 somehow. However, I was worried about Rc5.
Naiditsch: I would be very happy if that happened.
28...Qh2 29.Nb5 Ra8
Caruana: If 29...е3, I would just take the pawn 30.Qxe3 and it's getting bad for Black already. 30...Be4+ 31.Ka1 Ra8 32.Nb4. 
30.a3 e3 31.Re1 e2 32.Qe3

Caruana: Of course better was 32...Qxg3 33.Rxe2 Qg6+ 34.Bd3 Qh5. The position is just won here. I was going to play 35.Ndc7, but I'm not sure it would help.
33.Nd4 Rxc4 34.bxc4 Bh5 35.Nxe2
Caruana: I'm not sure 35.Kb2 was a better move. Maybe that's not a blunder but it's a mistake, because Black had 35...Re8. [Fabiano missed a tactical blow 36.Qxe8! with a winning endgame - CN] 
35...Re8 36.Ne7

And here Naiditsch just committed hara-kiri: 36...g5??
Black could hold after 36...g6: 37.Nc1 (this is how Caruana was going to play) Bf8 38.Qe6 Rxe7 39.Qf6+ Kg8. 
37.fxg5 Bf8 38.Nf4 1-0

Meier - Anand and Adams - Fridman encounters finished in draws.

[Event "1st GRENKE Chess Classic"] [Site "Baden-Baden GER"] [Date "2013.02.09"] [Round "3.1"] [White "Meier, Georg"] [Black "Anand, Viswanathan"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [WhiteElo "2640"] [BlackElo "2780"] [ECO "A40"] [Opening "Queen's pawn"] [Variation "Franco-Indian (Keres) defence"] [EventDate "2013.02.07"] 1. d4 e6 2. c4 Bb4+ 3. Bd2 c5 4. Bxb4 cxb4 5. Nf3 Nf6 6. g3 a5 7. Bg2 O-O 8. O-O d6 9. a3 Na6 10. axb4 Nxb4 11. Nc3 Qc7 12. Rc1 Bd7 13. Nd2 Rfd8 14. Nde4 Ne8 15. b3 Qb6 16. e3 d5 17. Nc5 Bc6 18. N5a4 Qc7 19. c5 Nf6 20. Re1 Nd7 21. Bf1 b6 22. cxb6 Nxb6 23. Nxb6 Qxb6 24. Na4 Bxa4 25. bxa4 Rac8 26. Qd2 Qd6 27. h4 g6 28. Bb5 h5 29. Red1 Qf8 30. Kg2 Kg7 31. Kg1 Kg8 32. Kg2 Kg7 33. Kg1 1/2-1/2 [Event "1st GRENKE Chess Classic"] [Site "Baden-Baden GER"] [Date "2013.02.09"] [Round "3.2"] [White "Adams, Michael"] [Black "Fridman, Daniel"] [Result "1/2-1/2"] [WhiteElo "2725"] [BlackElo "2667"] [ECO "E06"] [Opening "Catalan"] [Variation "closed, 5.Nf3"] [EventDate "2013.02.07"] 1. c4 e6 2. g3 d5 3. Bg2 Nf6 4. Nf3 Be7 5. d4 O-O 6. O-O dxc4 7. Qc2 a6 8. a4 Bd7 9. Qxc4 Bc6 10. Bf4 a5 11. Nc3 Na6 12. Ne5 Bxg2 13. Kxg2 Nd5 14. Rad1 Nxf4+ 15. gxf4 Bd6 16. e3 Qh4 17. Kh1 Nb4 18. Nf3 Qh5 19. Qe2 f6 20. Rg1 Qe8 21. Rg3 Rf7 22. Qc4 Bf8 23. d5 exd5 24. Nxd5 Qc6 25. Qxc6 Nxc6 26. f5 Bd6 27. Rg4 Ne5 28. Nxe5 Bxe5 29. b3 Re8 30. Kg2 c6 31. Nf4 Bxf4 32. Rxf4 Re5 33. Rd8+ Rf8 34. Rd7 Rf7 35. Rd8+ Rf8 36. Rd3 Kf7 37. Rd7+ Re7 38. Rfd4 Rc8 39. Kf3 Ke8 40. R7d6 Rec7 41. Rh4 Ke7 42. Rd1 Rh8 43. Rg4 Kf7 44. h4 h5 45. Rgd4 Ke7 46. Kf4 Rb8 47. Re4+ Kf7 48. Rc4 c5 49. Rd5 b5 50. axb5 Rxb5 51. Rc3 Rb4+ 52. e4 Rcb7 53. Rdd3 Rc7 54. Rd5 Rcb7 55. Rdxc5 Rxb3 56. Rxb3 Rxb3 57. Rxa5 Rh3 58. Ra7+ Kg8 1/2-1/2 [Event "1st GRENKE Chess Classic"] [Site "Baden-Baden GER"] [Date "2013.02.09"] [Round "3.3"] [White "Caruana, Fabiano"] [Black "Naiditsch, Arkadij"] [Result "1-0"] [WhiteElo "2757"] [BlackElo "2716"] [ECO "B90"] [Opening "Sicilian"] [Variation "Najdorf, Byrne (English) attack"] [EventDate "2013.02.07"] 1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. d4 cxd4 4. Nxd4 Nf6 5. Nc3 a6 6. Be3 e5 7. Nb3 Be7 8. Qd2 Ng4 9. g3 O-O 10. O-O-O a5 11. Kb1 a4 12. Nc1 a3 13. b3 Nxe3 14. Qxe3 Bg5 15. f4 Bh6 16. Nd3 Nc6 17. h4 Nd4 18. Nb4 Bg4 19. Rd2 Rc8 20. Nbd5 f5 21. Bc4 Kh8 22. Rxd4 exd4 23. Qxd4 Bf3 24. Re1 fxe4 25. Nb5 Rc6 26. c3 Qd7 27. Nxa3 Qh3 28. Rg1 Qh2 29. Nb5 Ra8 30. a3 e3 31. Re1 e2 32. Qe3 Qg2 33. Nd4 Rxc4 34. bxc4 Bh5 35. Nxe2 Re8 36. Ne7 g5 37. fxg5 Bf8 38. Nf4 1-0 

Fabiano Caruana grabbed the sole lead being a point ahead of Naiditsch, anand and Fridman.
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The next round is already today at 15:00 CET.


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