Cherchez La Femme

Время публикации: 04.02.2013 23:20 | Последнее обновление: 07.02.2013 23:07

I found this video taken in Round 8 of the Olympiad on the forum of the website Chessglum. It shows Kosintseva Tatiana playing against Lahno of Ukraine and is considered by some to be the very game (and match) after which Sergei Rublevsky "shook up" the team.   

First let me remember you the facts known for everyone. Russian player had a huge advantage, but failed to convert it and at the very end of the game was trying to use the last chance (if you can say so) with her rook against Kateryna's bishop. The game was deciding the overall result of the match: either a draw or Russia would win. The endgame continued for a long time and Lahno defended her position correctly; at some point Rublevsky whispered Kosintseva something like "it's time to finish this", Kosintseva obeyed although her face expressed obvious disagreement.

Now take a thorough look at the video. Before Rublevsky whispered Kosintseva something, he himself was told something by the arbiter Zsuzsa Veroci who was standing on the right side of Sergei. This 'something' can easily be read if taking a close look to her gesture: "It's time to finish this, tell her now." Sergey, being strung-up after the long round, succumbed.

Do you understand what has happened? Let's omit the fact that the captain is not allowed to prompt the player anything during the game. There's something even more important here: the arbiter prompts the captain of one of the teams that it's time to finish the game. How do you like this?

I respect Veroci as a player, but as an arbiter she repeatedly demonstrates her professional impropriety. FIDE however pays no attention to such trifles appointing the arbiters for the competitions of great importance according to its own criteria.


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