Alexey Dreev was Born on the Same Day as Boris Spassky

Время публикации: 30.01.2013 23:07 | Последнее обновление: 30.01.2013 23:09

The chess world knows January 30th as a birthday of Boris Spassky. Today Boris Vasilyevich turned 76. We warmly congratulate him on the occasion.

Boris Spassky is not the only chess player born on this day. Another famous GM Alexey Dreev is also celebrating his birthday today. He is twofold world champion under 16, European champion under 20, three-fold Olympic champion and twofold world champion as a member of Russian national team, the winner of Wijk aan Zee 2005 (now everyone entering the playing hall can see his portrait there), at the moment Alexey is one of the strongest players in rapid chess.

Alexey Dreev was born 44 yeaers ago.  

Chess-News congratulates both Grandmasters and wishes them fulfillment of their desires.


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  • One of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix tournaments took place in Shakty. 127 chess players took part in the competition including Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexander Galkin, Sanan Sjugirov, Boris Savchenko and Dmitry Kokarev. 

    Malakhov-Galkin: who is faster in the endgame (photo by Evgeny Potemkin)

  • The website reports that the Rapid chess tournament held in Satka, Russia was visited by Boris Spassky. "It's great that the tradition is kept and the Governor's Cup is still held... I'm glad to see not only young but their older colleagues also participating" - the website quotes the 10th World Champion.

  • The free day at the World Championship match was marked with a veterans' tournment dedicated to Boris Spassky's 75th anniversary. 84 participants determined the strongest in a 9-round Swiss held in the Moscow Central House of Chess. Evgeny Sveshnikov won the tournament scoring 7.5 out of 9. Evgeni Vasiukov, Victor Bojarinov, Oleg Zilbert and Vladimir Zhelnin gathered 7 points each and shared 2-5 places. Balashov, Berkovich, Kolbanov and Kachar stayed half a point behind them.

  • Е.SUROV: The women's world champion Anna Ushenina has now won the title as the member of the Ukrainian team. How does the "twofold" world champion feel?

    A.USHENINA: I wouldn't say "the twofold" - earlier we have already won the Olympiad, we took award winning places at the European and World Championships, so this win wasn't that surprising for us. Anyways, it is of course very pleasant to win the championship with your team.

  • The website of the Russian Chess Federation reports that Boris Spassky has decided to change federation. Since 1984, the tenth world champion has represented France, and from now on he will be listed as a Russian chess player in the FIDE rating list.

  • As long as the final rapid tournament of Grand Prix Russia was postponed by one day although the participants have arrived timely, December 23rd was fully dedicated to cultural events. Apart from two simuls held, the European Rapid Champion Alexey Dreev and the Champion of Russia in classical chess Dmitry Andreikin met the local players. Dmitry Kryakvin, one of those holding the simul, describes that in his report.

  • We will sum up 2012 live on Chess-News on December 29 at 22:00 MSK time together with Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky. Join our discussion. You can leave your questions in the commentary bar. Please specify your name.   

    December 29, 22.00 (MSK Time):

  • Vladimir Kramnik's son named Vadim was born on January 29th 2013 in Paris. This is the former world champion's second child; Vladimir's daughter Darya was born in December 2008.

  • GM Alexey Dreev reflected on the current situation in the Russian women's team. Let us remind you Kosintseva sisters refused to play for the national team while its headed by Sergei Rublevsky.

  • "We love classical chess and we won't ever give up on it," Alexey Dreev emphasized recently on the air of Chess-News radio. At the same time GM noted that classical chess has changed dramatically and that rapid has some undoubted advantages.