Vladimir Malakhov: "While There Still Are a Few Players Who Manage to Win, I Wouldn't Be Burying Classical Chess"

Время публикации: 04.01.2013 00:36 | Последнее обновление: 04.01.2013 00:37

Most of the discussion held on the New Year's Eve on Chess-News radio was dedicated to "classical chess vs. rapid." Our guests were Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky. GM Alexey Dreev clarified his attitude: "I didn't say classical chess is dying, so all those comments portraying me as the grave digger of classical chess are completely wrong."

Vladimir Malakhov considers the problem of classical chess starting to die to be a bit of exaggeration.

"When you play classical chess you really try to create something that may stimulate the wish of writing a book about it as about some masterpiece. Playing rapid is on a large scale a pure action, because it's really hard to create some rapid masterpieces. What can be done with all the problems classical chess faces - I mean continuous draws and super computers, the problems that make us want to give up already now... As I said, now we still watch the top level tournaments, which means even in this situation there still are a few players who manage to win. I mean Carlsen, Kramnik and some others. I wouldn't be burying classical chess while they manage to do so. Well, when Carlsen in his best shape will be drawing all of his, lets say, 10 games against the strong opponents in some super tournament, then we may say we should change something or we should really start playing Fischer's chess, or do something else."      


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