2012 in Pictures

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The New Year is coming and Chess-News decided to present you "2012 on one page." Soon we will turn over this page, but you can save it and remember all the events that took place in this year. We have inserted the links in all the photos, so you may follow the reports that are linked to the pictures.

Vladimir Kramnik didn't play in the first Superfinal of the year held in Wijk-aan-Zee, however, he participated in another way

Carlsen tortured his opponents in the first part of the competition, Levon Aronian replaced him in  the 2nd part of the tournament

Armenian GM was in the spotlight throughout the entire competition

Bulgarian delegation has also visited Wijk-aan-Zee. The record set during the live bradcast of Chess-News radio (we mean the interview with Silvio Danailov and unprecedented number of followers) hasn't been broken yet

"Found, arrived, signed." The photo was taken after the contract on holding Kramnik - Aronian match was signed. On the left - at that time a pretty new name in chess world: Oleg Skvortsov. 

Levon Aronian, the winner of Wijk-aan-Zee, named the tournament as the best one in his career

Teimour Radjabov, he shred 2nd in Wijk-aan-Zee, on the air of Chess-News radio


Nigel Short won in Gibraltar after making a forced draw against Hou Yifan

Mateusz Bartel won, as it turned out, the last classical Aeroflot Open

Marina Romanko, Maria Manakova, Elena Klimets and Andrei Maksimov played for Chess-News team at Ostankino Cup

The winner of the first ACP Cup Women held in Tbilisi was determined on a tie-break

Тогда еще новый президент Ассоциации профессионалов Эмиль Сутовский радуется первому успеху

The European Championship in Plovdiv finished with a live broadcast on Chess-News radio. You can see Viorel Bologan and Ernesto Inarkiev

Dmitry Jakovenko gets the Cup from Sava Stoisavljevic and receives a place in the national team

Several unusual decisions made by the coaches at the championship surprise Azerbaijani players

The most important success in Valentina Gunina's career: she became the European Women Champion

According to statistics the friendly match between Kramnik and Aronian which took place in Zurich attracted more attention of Chess-News readers than the World Championship Match held shortly afterwards 

An opening event in Batumi, Georgia: The World Rapid and Blitz Women Championship

The officials: World Championship Match Anand - Gelfand

"Gelfand surprises Anand by Grunfeld" - we reported shortly after the first match game has started 

One of the guests of the World Championship Match

Svidler's son painted the World Championship match

Tal Memorial which started shortly after the World Championship Match remained somewhat in its shadow

New York. "Garry, would you tell something for our website?" - "Wll, some other time..."

The cruelty of Garry Kasparov's arrest in Moscow while he was giving an interview has shocked not only the chess world 

In the center -chess player Evgenia Chasovnikova (the writing says: "Freedom to Pussy Riot")

Dmitry Andreikin dedicated his victory in the Superfinal of Russian Championship to his wife

Alexander Grischuk became the strongest blitz player of the world

The World Cup 2015 and Olympiad 2016 will be hosted by Baku, Azerbaijan

"Sergei Nesterov awarded Chess-News and became the member of the Supervisory Board of RCF"

Sergey Karjakin signed a contract with a personal sponsor and the "life has changed"

Some called "ACP Golden Classic" (the only tournament organized by ACP for men in this year) to be "small-scaled", Emil Sutovsky was trying to state otherwise on the air of Chess-News radio

Natalia Pogonina supported by her husband won Russian Championship

Dmitry Andreikin won men's Superfinal

The Olympiad in Istanbul became the most scandalous event of the year

After a long break Veselin Topalov achieved his first success in the new Grand Prix Series

Moshe Slav, the President of the Israeli Chess Federation, played the underwater chess during the European Club Cup

The starry SOCAR won the European Cup for the first time

Vladimir Palikhata became the new president of the Moscow Chess Federation

Anatoly Karpov has played only once in 2012, however, his performance was more than successful

Women determined the new World Champion in Khanty-Mansiysk

Monika Socko gained a victory after which she couldn't sleep. "The local climate is definitely not for me," Hou Yifan will say after being defeated in Khanty-Mansiysk

"If not counting Carlsen, I'm first in the rating list ." Kramnik got +2800 after a successful performance in London Chess Classic

Chess-News has organized the unprecedented game. The winner got a free trip to Zurich Chess Challenge which will be held in February 2013.

The Oldhands defeated Snowdrops in Podebrady, Czech Republic.

Boris Spassky to appear in public after his stroke and its consequences

"The friendly match has finished not quite friendly..."

European Rapid Champion Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky summed up 2012 on the air of our radio


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