Chess-News Readers Think Classical Chess is NOT Dying Out

Время публикации: 29.12.2012 19:59 | Последнее обновление: 29.12.2012 19:59

More than 600 readers of our website have answered the poll in which we were asking if classical chess is dying out. You can see the results below.

We will discuss this topic live on Chess-News with Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky at 22:00 MSK Time. You may leave your questions for them here


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  • We will sum up 2012 live on Chess-News on December 29 at 22:00 MSK time together with Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky. Join our discussion. You can leave your questions in the commentary bar. Please specify your name.   

    December 29, 22.00 (MSK Time):

  • Most of the discussion held on the New Year's Eve on Chess-News radio was dedicated to "classical chess vs. rapid." Our guests were Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov and Boris Postovsky. GM Alexey Dreev clarified his attitude: "I didn't say classical chess is dying, so all those comments portraying me as the grave digger of classical chess are completely wrong."

    Vladimir Malakhov considers the problem of classical chess starting to die to be a bit of exaggeration.

  • We have closed the poll which asked our readers if they think that Fischer chess or chess960 will ever replace classical chess. The vast majority of the readers voted negatively. 

  • More than a thousand of Chess-News readers have answered our poll: "Whom do you support at the CandidatesTournament?" Check out the result:

  • As long as the final rapid tournament of Grand Prix Russia was postponed by one day although the participants have arrived timely, December 23rd was fully dedicated to cultural events. Apart from two simuls held, the European Rapid Champion Alexey Dreev and the Champion of Russia in classical chess Dmitry Andreikin met the local players. Dmitry Kryakvin, one of those holding the simul, describes that in his report.

  • One of the arbiters at the Women's World Championship, Boris Postovsky met chess amateurs in Khanty-Mansiysk. The meeting took place yesterday during one of the stages of the Rapid Russian Cup. Postovsky mainly talked about the preparation differences of the chess players of XX and XXI century. GM Boris Savchenko was among the audience and even asked Postovsky questions. He stayed till the end of the meeting which lasted for 2.5 hours. 

  • One of the Russian Rapid Grand Prix tournaments took place in Shakty. 127 chess players took part in the competition including Alexey Dreev, Vladimir Malakhov, Alexander Galkin, Sanan Sjugirov, Boris Savchenko and Dmitry Kokarev. 

    Malakhov-Galkin: who is faster in the endgame (photo by Evgeny Potemkin)

  • We've published a poll on Chess-News several days ago asking our readers to share their predicitons on who may win Stavanger tournament. Check out the results: 

    Round 1 will start at 14:30 CET today. 

  • Chess-News organises a big game "The smartest way to Zurich" which will start tomorrow at 21:00 MSK Time. The readers will be able to gather points in each of the five qualifying rounds; in each round the readers will be asked 3 questions (in Russian): two of them will be related to chess, while the 3rd one will be about Switzerland. From 3 to 5 qualified players will compete in the final which will be hosted live on Chess-News website. The main prize is a trip to Zurich Chess Challenge tournament which will take place from February 23 to March 1.

  • More than 500 readers have answered our poll in which we were asking if books on chess openings are still needed today. More than 80% of the visitors gave an affirmative answer.