Anna Ushenina: "Every Man to His Own Taste"

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About myself…I come from Kharkov, I was born and grew up in this city. I’ve been playing chess since I was seven. My parents, namely, my mother introduced me to chess. She always supported and helped me. 

My mom was studying how to play chess together with me. A ctually, first they wanted me to play draughts, but when we came to the chess-draughts club, it turned out they had only chess there, so I started playing chess.

There were a lot of journalists. Mr. Gusarev, the President of Kharkov Chess Federation was also welcoming me home. That was really pleasant. Sure, there also were my friends, my mom, coach-assistant Krugovoi... We had the press conference organized by the Kharkov Chess Federation President after the meeting at the airport.

Flowers were everywhere. The city mayor and the governor couldn’t come for they were outside the city. So, they’ve sent flowers and best regards.

If I live together with my grandma and my mom in one room? Yes, that’s how it is.

Questions about my private life? No, I prefer it to stay private.

I don’t anticipate things. I think one should live for today. We usually make plans and then they just ruin, so I’m not looking into what is going to happen in two or three years. Now I have only short-term goals and tasks. 

I love religion. People surely need it. People need to believe in something. Politics... I’m not into it. I think it’s not an easy thing. I’m not interested in who’s the governor, what counts for me, if politics takes care of people. This is my policy. 

I think they believed in me. It’s just that we’re not used to that, or maybe there were some financial hurdles, so they couldn’t come to support me in Khanty-Mansiysk earlier. 

Yet nothing has changed in my life after the championship. I’m just really pleased for myself and for Ukraine.  

I don’t think the player should hide who is her/his coach.

From the player’s point of view it may not be the best plan to visit all the press conferences during the competition, but on the other hand there are spectators and they want to know more. So, you try to find some golden mean – save some energy, but at the same time interest the audience.

Of course that’s pleasant when the playing hall is full of spectators and everyone watches you while playing, but personally for me it’s not that important.

My country is pretty young, but I think that chess will be developing and our sportsmen will be supported and sent to the competitions. At the moment getting individual trips financing from the federation is quite problematic.

We have a new president at the federation and he tries hard to improve and develop chess situation.

I have no emotions?! I’m an iron woman?! Of course that’s not true. Everyone has emotions and nothing can be done about that.

That’s an interesting opportunity to play against men. If you mean that I got GM title after the championship, I should mention I already needed only one point to fulfill it; but I will of course try to master my play.

Now I have only one plan – to have some rest.

It’s always better to have a coach by side, but Skype connection is also not bad.

I don’t like extremes. One can call me a moody person.

I calculated who’d be my opponent in case of defeating Cori T Daysi… I knew that most probably that’d be Anna Muzychuk. No, I didn’t prepare specially for my encounter against Anna.

Mikhail Nikitovich Ponomariov has done a lot for chess. He stimulated this new generation, including Karjakin, Lahno, Ponomariov. He gave a powerful incentive. Pity we don’t or almost don’t have this kind of people in Ukraine any more.

Sure, I believe in miracles, especially after this competition. I don’t believe in Santa Claus though… 

I don’t think the knock-out system is advantageous for the weak players. Hou Yifan has won the previous championship, but you can’t say she’s a weak player.

Not that we are good friends, but I like Zhao Xue. We can’t communicated that much, but I really like her.

I’m in good relations with a lot of chess players. My best friend is Katya Gorbatenko.  I can’t say she’s a professional player, but she really loves it. The former chess player Indira Bajt is also my good friend…

I don’t believe in omens.

I really like Anatoly Karpov’s playing style. The old school masters Smyslov and Spassky. I can’t say I have a favourite among contemporary players.

Of course I’m pleased if I’m compared to Karpov.

When I was a child I was impressed by Nimzowitsch’s book “My system.” 

I like spending time with my friends, in a cozy company. As I’ve mentioned before I also like watching serials.

I don’t do any other sports, but I enjoy going to the gym, I like running. I also like boxing. I like watching our sportsmen, especially when Vitaly Klitschko is on the ring. 

The 2nd tie-break game wasn’t an easy one for Black. I had a slight advantage. Not that there was something extremely dangerous for Black, but it needed to be very accurate in defending. The position was easier to play with White. I wouldn’t say I’ve been playing cold-bloodily. Actually at the end I was a bit tired, so I continually looked at the clock checking the time. I knew that I had a winning position, but I also understood that I shouldn’t let myself to relax.

When I look at my opponents I divert a bit my attention from the chess board. I look at what kind of earrings they wear. I like those kinds of accessories. 

What I’m looking at when I see a man? I don’t even know. Maybe I’m also looking at what kind of earrings he’s wearing?

I haven’t mastered Twitter yet, but I like surfing some chess news. Alexandra Kosteniuk’s website is also interesting for me.

Recently I became a student of the law faculty at Yaroslav the Wise Law Academy. Jurisprudence is one of my interests. I also enjoy foreign languages and maybe, soon I will learn some foreign language, for instance, Chinese.

I don’t eat Sushi. Everything else can be given a try.

Every man to his own taste. Some like plump girls, others enjoy slender women. I don’t think that should be controlled strictly.

Peter Svidler is a very strong GM.

I enjoy playing blitz and rapid, especially when both are developing quickly lately. That’s just, classic, rapid and blitz – they’re still different…

That’s just photographers putting the pictures where I look stern…

I think celebrating and shouting “Hurray, I have won!” immediately after the game is not nice in regard to the opponent. 

If I have thought about the WWCC match? Well, I just know that it should take place and I know the Chinese is a very strong player. We have already played before. However, last we have played was just before 2008, the year when she became the champion.

One can have a low rating, but play a brilliant game. You should respect every rival.

The climate in Khanty-Mansiysk is really challenging. It’s very cold there in winter. When we were playing there was -20, -30 outside, but people are really warm and friendly there. Each place has its advantages and disadvantages.

What kind of music do I like? I guess I enjoy cheerful music, but it should have some sense. I’m not into some trashy pop music. I’m not against of listening to some modern tune though. 

I don't listen to music before the game. 


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